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Astro Arun Pandit offers some of the finest and most renowned astrology courses in India, designed to help you master the art of Vedic astrology. Learn A to Z of astrology with our course and  enter into the world of stars. Our recorded basic to advanced astrology course is catered to individuals from all backgrounds and professionals, whether a beginner or an enthusiast seeking in-depth knowledge of astrology. Don't miss this opportunity! Enroll now and kick-start on a journey today! Become a certified vedic astrologer.


In-Demand & High Paying Skill

Astrology is an in-demand skill in today’s world everyone is turning towards astrology to get success and know about their life.

Become A Astrologer

Join us for expert mentorship by Astro Arun Pandit and become a highly paid Astrologer or teach Astrology to beginners.

Less Competition

There is less competition in this field so you are more likely to have a highly paid job if you have an advanced level of expertise in Astrology

Personal Growth and Insight

Beyond the financial benefits, our program provides personal growth and profound insights into the world of Astrology


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Get certificate upon completion


22 modules of theory with practical exercises


Courses language is Hinglish


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Course Lessons

Meet your Mentor

Astro Arun Pandit

Astro Arun Pandit is a beacon of inspiration in the realm of astrology, spirituality, and self-improvement. With an illustrious career spanning over 10+ years and a profound family legacy in astrology extending for nearly 5 decades, he fervently champions the cause of unveiling astrology as a pure and accessible science for the modern world. 

His journey is a testament to unwavering dedication, from earning accolades as an award-winning astrologer to captivating audiences as a TEDx speaker, and from igniting profound conversations as a prolific podcaster to guiding seekers as an esteemed occult instructor with over 1M+ followers on Instagram and 6.8M+ on YouTube & also verified on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter & other social channels.

What truly sets Astro Arun Pandit apart is his unshakable belief that every individual possesses the potential for greatness, waiting to be unlocked. With his teachings, he empowers others to transcend their limitations and embrace the boundless possibilities life offers. His mission resonates with those who dare to dream, aspire to transform, and seek the profound wisdom that lies within.

Happy Student Testimonials

I completed the recorded course 'The Beginner's Guide to Learning Astrology,' where I not only learned to create my own birth chart but also gained knowledge about zodiac signs.


I completed Ved Gurukul's "Beginner's Guide to Learning Astrology" course, which focused on astrology basics, emphasizing gemstones and Zodiac signs. The course was well-structured, making astrology accessible. The knowledgeable instructors simplified complex concepts, making learning enjoyable.

Riya Sahu

I took the "Beginner's Guide to Learning Astrology" course from Occult Gurukul, and it was a great experience. I learned about astrology basics, like what astrology is, how to measure the degree of planets, and the concept of drishti and its effects. The course was easy to understand, and I gained valuable knowledge about astrology.

Priyanshi Singh

Exploring astrology with Occult Gurukul and Astro Arun Pandit was an enjoyable journey. This course is a perfect fit for beginners like me. Whenever I required assistance, their support was readily available, and they provided valuable learning materials.

Preet Rathod

Studying astrology with Astro Arun Pandit at Occult Gurukul has been truly enlightening. The course covers basic to advanced topics, making complex concepts accessible. I also learned about zodiac signs and other fascinating aspects of astrology. The course offers a supportive community and valuable resources.


Learning astrology with Occult Gurukul and Astro Arun Pandit was great. The course covers everything step by step, even for beginners like me. I liked the personalized help and the resources they provided.


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Frequently asked questions

How do I access the recorded courses?

To access our recorded courses, browse our courses, choose the course you're interested in, and make a purchase. You'll receive access instructions via email.

Can I cancel my course purchase if I don’t like it & get a refund?

Yes! You can cancel your course within 14 days of purchase if you don’t like it. For any query, please talk to our admission support team.

Does the course have any Live doubt clearing Q & A session?

Yes, We will schedule one Live Q& A with Astro Arun pandit

Will I receive a certificate upon course completion?

Yes, you will receive a certificate for course completion once you have finished the course.

Have questions? Talk to our Support Team